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Journey to Wilderness

Updated: May 5

"The first step is always hardest" this quote I have heard an infinite number of times. This is the story of that first step which I took four weeks back to the wilderness. We all love city life, city life is easy, we have all amenities, we also have wifi, but we still complain about work pressure, we complain every day about our sedentary life in the city. Sometimes we do not appreciate life in the city and want to disappear into the wilderness; like everyone, I also wanted to disappear into the wilderness at least for a week. So, I planned for a trek; though I had done a small trek in Himachal, I wanted to experience an easy but little longer trek. I thought to go alone, but as I had no trek experience, one of my friends suggested that I should go with some professional organization. I booked Brahmatal trek from the India-hikes website.

I started my journey from Chandigarh. I had no ticket booked for Rishikesh. I relied on the bus service; somehow, that day, the bus service was bad, and I was not getting any bus. I just hopped on in the bus which was going toward Bhatinda and got down at a small place named Rajpura. I never knew this fact Rajpura is also known as the Gateway of Punjab as all road and rail transport needs to touch Rajpura for the routes going to other major cities of Punjab as well as Jammu & Kashmir. I was waiting near the flyover for the bus to Ambala. All the bus was jammed packed, and I had no guts to enter the jam-packed bus. I waited for some time a shared auto wala asked me where I am going. I told him to Ambala, and he said hop in. I was wondering where? It was already full. These street smart auto wala got me a seat. I just hopped in, it was a very uncomfortable place to sit, but that reminded me of my college days where my friends and I use to go for booze in an overcrowded auto. I wonder how we survived, and a minor accident would have killed us. I was totally enjoying the over-crowded auto that to in corona times. I also survived this auto journey and reached Ambala, again there was no bus, no train. I was stranded at the bus stop, and I felt hopeless. I cursed myself.

I wished I would have managed my journey a little better. Suddenly a ray of hope again a jam-packed state bus to Rishikesh came to the bus stop. I just jumped onto the bus, fighting against my all-odd; I found a seat. I was relieved that I ain't going to miss my trek. I reached Dehradun after four hours. The next challenge was to reach Rishikesh from Dehradun. I wanted to explore Dehradun and wanted to wash my sin by having a dip at the Ganges. I had no time; hence I kept my sin with me and booked a cab as I was too tired to take a bus or shared auto.

After an hour, I reached Rishikesh, a beautiful place in the foothills of the Himalayas. The city was full of tourists, young, old, and foreigners. Young were looking to enjoy the city, old and foreigners are mostly looking for spiritual satisfaction. I loved Rishikesh, and it was a mystical city; I had around half a day to explore the city. I went to "Laxman Jhula" loved the energy of people, the serenity by the Ganges was a totally new experience. The Ganga Aarti, be it Banaras, Haridwar, or Rishikesh, is always Sublime. After the sublime experience of the Ganges, I roamed in the streets of Rishikesh, and the streets were filled with tourists; the shopkeeper was trying to attract people into their store, seeing energy on the streets, I felt my worries are also disappearing, and I felt calm after long. I wanted to explore more, but the clock was ticking. I had to go back to my Hotel and sleep as my journey would start a little early. I had to say goodbye to the streets and tucked in my hotel. The exciting journey is awaiting me, which I can not wait for.

To be Continued...

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